The Spa & Family Resort RupertusTherme draws its greatest treasure from the natural Alpine backdrop: completely pure Alpine salt, untouched by human hands.
It has been dormant inside the mountains for 250 million years and appears quite naturally in Bad Reichenhall, in liquid form as Alpine brine. From the saline, it is routed directly to the RupertusTherme brine bath and distributed to the active pools, the lounger pools and the steam baths.
The Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSole is unusually rich in minerals and trace elements. It cares for the skin, loosens muscles and joints and strengthens the immune system. On around 1,500 square meters of water, you can relax in 32 to 40 degrees warm indoor and outdoor pools.

As in a mine, you descend into the brine grotto of the thermal baths. The underground brine floating pool with its 12% salt content is reminiscent of an enchanted salt lake. The view of the impressive mountain scenery opens up on the light-flooded gallery level with whirlpool. Relax, whirl or actively loosen your muscles – 33 °C to 35 °C water temperature and 2% Alpine brine offer everything that body and soul need.